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Hello, I’ve been writing some stories and although these are available to buy they’re not jumping off the shelves, so they will be posted here in sections and if you subscribe they will be sent to you for free, a new part every day. At some point an agent or publisher might notice this and sign me up but as I’m not a former contestant from a reality show and the books are neither full of angst riddled teenage vampires nor vicious murders involving self-loathing, broken human beings I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

It would be nice if you’d decide after a while that you’d like to buy the book in one format or other, but if not all the tale will be posted here over the course of some weeks.

Fergus Rainbow

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All books in print by Fergus Rainbow are available from CreateSpace and Amazon. They are available internationally and usually have free delivery if you buy them from the Amazon of your country.

All Kindle books are available from Amazon.com as well as the Amazon web site that is local to your country. If your Kindle is registered to a certain country, you can either buy Kindle books directly from there or Amazon.com. Do be aware of this, because if, for example, you look at Amazon.co.uk but your Kindle is registered in France, the site will tell you that the book is only available to customers in the UK. This isn’t true – you can always download Kindle books from Amazon.com.

Six Zero Winners

How To Win The Lottery
How To Win The Lottery

Nobody truly expects to win the lottery. Sure we play, living week in, week out playing ours and loved one’s birthdays, ages, lucky numbers – but deep down we know it’s pointless. That expectant hope that one day we’ll have made the right choice. Not only that, but one day, that glorious day, the Universe will cut us some slack and, for no good or fair reason at all, decide to align with us. It’s the hope we’ll suddenly be free, to be free to do what we want to do – to free ourselves of the monotony of the little boxes we’ve allowed ourselves to be cemented into. As if we’re just faking this life until we can burst forth as the more unfettered, soaring creature that we blindly believe we really are.

Hope, that one feeling that allows us to tolerate the now, it’s not usually pondered why it was there in Pandora’s box. After all the venality had gone why should such an aid be in the same package as all the things that make life unbearable? Quite simply because hope makes it all tolerable, it can’t go on forever this agony can it? Surely there is a glimmer on the horizon?

Whilst we’re looking to the future the now ebbs into the past, where it stays – dead. We can hope for change, but as we’re doing that we’re mortgaging our present for an out of focus future.

Still, you’ve got to play the game to buy out of the game – sure it helps to be the banker – if childhood play teaches you one thing it should be that the banker always wins, because the banker always cheats. But if you aren’t the banker you can dream you can cheat the odds and, if not beat the system, at least buy your way into a better one.