Family Holidays in a Motorhome

family motorhome holidaysThis book is a short story of what the author and her family did when they hired a motorhome back in the autumn (fall) of 2013. The motorhome was hired through a company near Cambridge in the UK. It actually turns out that the authors husband is involved with a website called Motorhome Freedom and this book is now available in its entirety in the section called Motorhome Holidays.  If you are happy to read the book online it is worthwhile, but I feel that this may be a nice inexpensive gift for somebody who owns a motorhome.

The tour of the UK includes many family visits and a few campsites. I have to admire the families spirit though, everything is done on the cheap using local pubs and even supermarket car parks as places to cook dinner. It seems like they had a lot of fun for very little money, I especially liked the trip to pinpoint the exact railway bridge that was the site of the The Great Train Robbery that took place in Ledburn, Buckinghamshire back in 1963. My favourite part is the last section which is some comments from the driver of the motorhome. There are some great tips here that any would be motorhomer is going to find useful.

All in all this is a fun book that is great to dip into, the book also has some great colour photographs that were taken by the author during the trip. If you know someone who likes motorhomes and has a family of their own, I think they will like this.

Family Holidays in a Motorhome is available in both Kindle and paperback formats.